Introducing Prints from Michael Aaron Williams

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jul 30, 2015

We are proud to announce the addition of Michael Aaron Williams to the Eyes On Walls Artist Collective. This exclusive print collection contains 7 of the artist's recent works. 
Tip: These look awesome BIG and Art Block Framed!

About the Artist

Street and studio artist Michael Aaron Williams first gained worldwide recognition for his emotional street art works drawing attention to the fragile condition of young street children and homelessness. In his most recent body of work, the artist uses coffee, ink and antique ledger paper from the 1920s and ‘30s to create what he refers to as “visual poetry”. With heavy inspiration from his Appalachian heritage, he aims to create ethereal portraits reflecting the ephemeral nature of people and society. 

Williams has created street art installations around the world in places such as Egypt, Thailand, Mexico, China and South Korea. The artist has also exhibited extensively in North America and Europe. The Tennessee-based artist completed his MFA from Washington University in St Louis in 2015. 

View the artist painting in the video below:

- The Eyes On Walls Team

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New Prints from Lora Zombie

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jul 17, 2015

Brand new from Lora Zombie, these new pieces give a peek at some of her upcoming collection of work as she is currently hard at work in her studio on an upcoming solo show (details to be announced in the coming months).

Innocence, heartbreak, good, evil, unicorns, little blue birds (without hats), French Bulldogs (with a hat) all make appearances in this new selection of Fine Art Prints with stunning detail and vivid colors that look even better in person than on screen.

'Reload Your Heart' by Lora Zombie

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Agnes Cecile 'Grown Together' Limited Edition Print Release

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jul 15, 2015

Today we are proud to announce an exclusive Limited Edition release with Italian artist, Agnes Cecile. This is the artist's first limited release available online to date. 'Grown Together' is an intricate and emotional piece that was completed in early 2015. The Limited Edition Print has been carefully reproduced from the original painting in an edition of just 120 pieces and is signed by the artist. 


  • 18x24 inches
  • Edition of 120 Signed & Numbered Prints
  • 245 GSM Fine Art Paper
  • Embossed and includes Certificate of Authenticity

Buy 'Grown Together' -> 



Silvia Pelissero, a painter best known as Agnes Cecile, was born in Rome, Italy. She has become a successful self-taught artist known for her layered and delicate watercolor work. Agnes Cecile's creates rich, emotional human portraits using abstract color and detail. 

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Metal Print Collection - New Releases!

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jun 25, 2015


Metal brings a whole new luster and depth to certain works in the Eyes On Walls collection and we're excited to announce the expansion of our Metal Print Collection! Check out over 20 new works by Ruben Ireland, Shark Toof, Lora Zombie, Agnes Cecile and Alex Cherry. 

Pieces from the Metal Print Collection are available in 4 ready-to-hang sizes starting at just $89. 

- Eyes On Walls

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'Action Figure' by Lora Zombie - 5th Anniversary Redux

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jun 17, 2015

Five years ago, Lora Zombie released one of her most iconic and popular images to date titled 'Action Figure'. This piece was one of a few key works early on that were seen and circulated widely online and began to establish Lora as a well known figure on the urban art scene. For such an important release, it was only ever made available as a small unsigned digital print edition.

Now, we're giving this piece the release it deserves, a special 5th Anniversary Redux Edition with a signed and numbered edition including a stunning Hand Painted Multiple with additional touches of acrylic paints and lines that give the work the depth and feel of the Original work.

We're proud to say this is one of the best releases we've created with Lora to date.


EDITION OF 25 - $349 Each
EDITION OF 150 - $99 Each

Both versions of  'Action Figure' - 5th Anniversary Redux will be available here on Friday, June 19th at 1pm EST. 


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