A Tour of Eyes On Walls

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Nov 13, 2012


Here at Eyes On Walls, we pride ourselves on our incredible roster of talented artists, but what we do in the time between when you place an order and when it arrives on your doorstep is an art in itself. 

Eyes On Walls was born out of the idea that art should be available to all who appreciate it across the globe and on any budget. Our diverse print and frame offerings ensure that there is something available for everyone. We'd like to take you on a little tour of our production facility to show you the quality of the products on which we've built our brand. 

(Featured: Mr. Tiger by Lora Zombie)



Canvas prints (Featured: What's Up by Lora Zombie - Upcoming Winter 2012 release)

Art from Eyes On Walls is printed on top of the line Epson printers. Our technology is regularly updated to reflect the latest in industry reproduction techniques.


The rich black studio frames that we use on our Art Blocks are all handmade in our Montreal printing facility. Each piece of wood is cut to fit to print, hand-stained and then assembled by our expert framers. 

Hand-Staining the Ash wood for our frames.


Starting at $35, our art block framed products are affordable for anyone that falls in love with a piece from Eyes On Walls. 

Lora Zombie signing Mini Art Blocks during a recent visit to Eyes On Walls. (Featured: Zombie Love and Oil by Lora Zombie)


We've learned a thing or two about shipping art in the 35 years that we've been in the art publishing business. All products are shipped in custom boxes that ensure that your new artwork will arrive ready-to-hang or frame without any scrapes or scuffs.

Mini Art Block Prints ready to be shipped to their new homes. 

Labeling and Shipping

Studio Sized Art Block Frames (Featured: Did I Dream by Manuel Rebollo


Studio Sized Art Block Frames (Featured: Manhattan by HR-FM)

Large Art Blocks ready to be shipped to their new homes. 

So there it is - a sneak peak at our production process. Expect nothing but a premium product when your Eyes On Walls order arrives at your door.  

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