New From Hikari Shimoda

Posted by Amy Lambert on Mar 03, 2016

Available today for the first time are 4 new prints from Japanese artist, Hikari Shimoda. These prints feature works from Shimoda's second major solo exhibition, 'Recycling Humanity' which just closed it doors at Cory Helford Gallery in Los Angeles.

"Cheery, bright, colorful, magical, melancholy, and even dark, Hikari Shimoda’s portraits of starry-eyed children carry a different meaning for anyone who looks at them. "


These works are now available in a variety of formats including Mini Art Blocks, Fine Art Prints, prints on canvas and more. Shop Hikari Shimoda's collection here

"In today’s society, the meaning of words
is taken so lightly to the point where I think
we aren’t expressing our true feelings.
English speaking people who are
looking at my work may not understand
the meaning of the Japanese words,
and that creates some ambiguity, which I like,
and vice versa for Japanese speakers. "

Dig deeper into Shimoda's recent solo exhibition 'Recycling Humanity' with her interview with HiFructose here.  The full show can be viewed online at Cory Helford Gallery. 

Learn more about Hikari Shimoda on her newly launched website, 


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Lora Zombie - Evolution HPM

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Feb 18, 2016

Lora Zombie's Hand Painted Limited Edition Print, 'Evolution' is now available! Originally featured in her solo show 'Unicorn Comet' this past November in Toronto, 'Evolution' has been reproduced from the original as a 30x40" print and finished with additional touches of acrylic paint. This is a small edition of hand finished pieces, the next best thing to owning the original.

$349 each, edition of 30 pieces - available here


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New Releases from Alex Cherry

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Feb 12, 2016

For Alex Cherry's first print release of 2016, 5 powerful new pieces are now available exclusively at Eyes On Walls. 'Starman' (shown above Art Block Framed), Cherry's tribute to the late David Bowie, shows indescribable depth and detail when printed on our 225 GSM matte Fine Art Print paper. You'll want to see this piece in person.

'Unique Horn' (below) brings a light hearted and adorable take on everyone's favorite mythical beast. Visit Alex Cherry's New Releases to see the rest of his most recent work. 


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New Lora Zombie Print Releases

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jan 22, 2016

The Latest Works from Lora Zombie

A collection of works from Lora Zombie's recent 'Unicorn Comet' show in Toronto are now available in a variety of Fine Art Print formats. 



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Agnes Cecile New Print Releases

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Jan 05, 2016

For our first release of the New Year, we've teamed up with Agnes Cecile to present a collection of her latest works. 5 new prints are now available in a variety of formats including 'Never Learned to Fly' (above) and 'Gently Together' (below). 


About the Artist:

Silvia Pelissero, a young painter best known as Agnes Cecile, was born in Rome in 1991. She went in an art high school, focusing on her creative endeavors, and has since has continued as a self-taught artist. In her gorgeous, glowing watercolor paintings, Agnes Cecile has created her own signature style of rich, emotional human portraits with an authentic use of abstract color and detail.


We also have a very small collection of Original Paintings available from Agnes Cecile. These one of a kind pieces highlight the unique palette and exceptional talents of this young painter. Check out the artist's full catalogue of available originals here


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