'Enjoy Your Stay' by Alexander Grahovsky

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Mar 17, 2016


Alexander Grahovsky, a digital and traditional artist from Madrid, is one of the latest additions to the Eyes On Walls collective. Today we've added a new piece 'Enjoy Your Stay' to his collection. 

The artist often plays with adult and pin up themes in bold colors and this elegant piece is no exception. Available now in a variety of Fine Art Print formats including canvas, Art Block Frame and Mini Art Block.


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'Stardust' Limited Edition by Lora Zombie

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Mar 17, 2016

Stardust Limited Edition Print by Lora Zombie

Our next Limited Edition release with Lora Zombie is a gorgeous hybrid print of 'Stardust', one of the paintings featured in the artist's recent solo show Unicorn Comet.  The art was first digitally printed on 300 GMS bright white fine art paper, then finished with a screen printed layer of glitter on the stars. 

About 'Stardust'

  1. Edition of 100 Prints
  2. Stars are finished with a final application of a metallic glitter ink
  3. Measures 18 x 24 inches
  4. Signed and Numbered by the Artist
  5. $129 Each 


Available here on Friday, March 18th at 1pm EST. 

Glitter Detail of 'Stardust' by Lora Zombie

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Lora Zombie's 'Bird Study'Original Paintings

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Mar 10, 2016

"Studies" are often used by artists to perfect or to take visual notes of particular subject to be used in their work. In this series of 9 original paintings, Lora Zombie studies the movement and composition of a tiny bird. Birds are a common element in many of Lora's pieces but here they take center stage, where each brush stroke and dash of color can be be appreciated.

Originals from Lora Zombie's 'Bird Study' series will be available here on Friday March 11th at 1pm EST. Each piece measures 8.25 x 6 inches and will ship with a 2" mat, ready to be framed for $399 each.

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New From Hikari Shimoda

Posted by Amy Lambert on Mar 03, 2016

Available today for the first time are 4 new prints from Japanese artist, Hikari Shimoda. These prints feature works from Shimoda's second major solo exhibition, 'Recycling Humanity' which just closed it doors at Cory Helford Gallery in Los Angeles.

"Cheery, bright, colorful, magical, melancholy, and even dark, Hikari Shimoda’s portraits of starry-eyed children carry a different meaning for anyone who looks at them. "


These works are now available in a variety of formats including Mini Art Blocks, Fine Art Prints, prints on canvas and more. Shop Hikari Shimoda's collection here

"In today’s society, the meaning of words
is taken so lightly to the point where I think
we aren’t expressing our true feelings.
English speaking people who are
looking at my work may not understand
the meaning of the Japanese words,
and that creates some ambiguity, which I like,
and vice versa for Japanese speakers. "

Dig deeper into Shimoda's recent solo exhibition 'Recycling Humanity' with her interview with HiFructose here.  The full show can be viewed online at Cory Helford Gallery. 

Learn more about Hikari Shimoda on her newly launched website, HikariShimoda.com. 


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Lora Zombie - Evolution HPM

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Feb 18, 2016

Lora Zombie's Hand Painted Limited Edition Print, 'Evolution' is now available! Originally featured in her solo show 'Unicorn Comet' this past November in Toronto, 'Evolution' has been reproduced from the original as a 30x40" print and finished with additional touches of acrylic paint. This is a small edition of hand finished pieces, the next best thing to owning the original.

$349 each, edition of 30 pieces - available here


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