7 New Print Releases from Lora Zombie

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Oct 03, 2014

7 new prints from Lora Zombie are now available in a variety of formats! We are pleased to announce the release of 'Panda Girl' for the first time as an open edition print after a quick limited edition sell out in 2013. Check out the full collection in our New Releases section. 



- Eyes On Walls


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#EYESONWALLS Artists On Instagram Pt 1.

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Sep 30, 2014

Glimpse into the daily lives of a few of our artists.

Lora Zombie @lorazombie

Alex Cherry @ax.cy

Alexis Marcou @alexismarcou

Aaron Jasinski @jasinskiart

Charmaine Olivia @charmaineolivia

Bezt @bezt_etam

Luke Chueh @lukechueh

Shark Toof @shark__toof

Charlie Bowater @charliebowater


And for updates on all our artists, limited editions, sales and more, make sure to follow us!


More to come! Stay tuned. 

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Upcoming Art Shows from Our Artists

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Sep 16, 2014


Aaron Jasinski

La Luz De Jesus Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. 
Open Now - Sept 5 - 28th 
Ltd. Gallery in Seattle, WA
Opens Oct 18th

View Aaron Jasinski's Collection - >


Camilla d’Errico & Hikari Shimoda 

Open October 10th - Nov 14th 

View Camilla d'Errico's Collection - >

View Hikari Shimoda's Collection - >


Luke Chueh  

Open October 11th - Nov 1st

View Luke Chueh's Collection - >

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Introducing the Art of Hikari Shimoda

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Sep 03, 2014

Welcoming Hikari Shimoda to Eyes On Walls

Hikari Shimoda, based in Nagano, Japan, first studied illustration at the prestigious Kyoto Saga University of Art. She was selected for her first solo exhibition at Motto Gallery in Japan, immediately upon graduating in 2008, effectively launching her career as a contemporary artist. She has since held exhibitions in galleries across the globe, spanning Japan, the United States, Canada and Italy. Most recently, she held a highly-acclaimed solo exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery in California, titled "Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man". 

Hikari Shimoda’s artwork paints a world where cuteness and horror coexist, where fantasy meets reality. Inspiration for her ambiguous child characters stems from the Japanese pop culture that she grew up with and it has greatly influenced her “Irasuto” and low brow style. Painted with a delightful color palette, macabre and nightmarish elements become suddenly whimsical, offering themes of struggle, heroism and innocence in modern society. 

Learn more about Hikari Shimoda:

  1. Hi-Fructose Review of "Fantastic Planet, Goodbye Man"
  2. Hikari Shimoda on Facebook
  3. Interview with Sweet Streets



A collection of Hikari Shimoda's work is now available exclusively from Eyes On Walls.


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'Hello' by Lora Zombie Limited Edition Canvas

Posted by Eyes On Walls on Aug 28, 2014

In light of all of this Hello Kitty "not actually being a kitty" business that's in the news today, we thought we'd make a piece by Lora Zombie called 'Hello' available for purchase. There are only a few pieces remaining from this unique signed and numbered print on canvas Limited Edition of 25 units. It measures an impressive 24x36 inches and comes framed with our hand stained Art Block frame for $349. 



- Eyes On Walls

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