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NEW: Open Edition Releases from Lora Zombie

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All-New Open Edition Prints are Now Available

Coming from a world where unicorns, pandas and human-sized rodents roam freely, our print release this week brings a rich new collection of work from Russian artist, Lora Zombie. These recent paintings done in dripping, vibrant colors are further evidence of the artist's unmistakeable signature style. Open edition prints are now available in a variety of formats on Eyes On Walls. 


We caught up with Lora to get details on her latest work and to see what she's been up to over the last few months.

EOW: Do you have a favorite piece of this new collection or something that you'd like to say about any piece in particular? 
Lora: I have favorite piece I guess… finally. It's Creator of the Universe. It was a realy slooooow pleasure to work on this piece. I've put a lot of love, interest and patience into it! 

EOW: How many days of the week do you work/paint?
Lora: I paint almost the whole week, almost the whole day. But usually I spend one day a week sleeping all day long. 

EOW: What have you been doing when you're not painting?
Lora: I've been watching lots of cartoons (old "Looney Tunes" cartoons, "Tex Avery" cartoons, cartoon movies by Hayao Miyazaki, Adventure Time cartoon) while I was working lately. So I've got lots of inspiration from these things.


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