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New Website for Lora Zombie Prints & Art Coming Soon!

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Spring is nearly here! It's the best time to be alive, and my most favorite season!

You might have noticed things have been a bit quiet lately for new releases, and that’s because I have been working with Eyes On Walls on some big changes that we are excited to release soon.

After 8 years of working within the Eyes On Walls brand, we have decided together to take the next step and develop my own website and brand at

I am still working with Eyes On Walls behind the scenes, this will just mean there will be one central website for all of my art, prints and originals, as well as video content, news, photos and collaborations. Think of it as combining my previous website and blog at, and all my projects and events and special offerings we create on My apparel brand, HEROTIME will remain the same as its own brand and website at

So, here’s what to expect soon:

1) An increased selection of my prints available to browse and order, each in 3 sizes on really nice paper, framed or unframed, including many that were never released before. Excited for this!

2) More focused formats and options - we will be narrowing the options down to what I think is the best way to purchase my work, so there aren’t so many options, sizes, and formats to decide on.

3) One central place for all my art content, videos, murals, collaborations and news.

We will also be taking the opportunity to rethink how we release prints, particularly Limited Editions, in a way that makes sense for my work and the diverse customer and fanbase for it. We want to combine some customers wanting a collectible and special print, with others that want the flexibility of sizes and formats and access to previously sold out limited releases.

We have lots of projects in the works like a new book (!!!!), some really special print releases, crazy ideas for shows and live events, original art and more.

To be notified of the new website launching sign up here:

I'm very very excited to show you what we’ve been working on soon, thank you SO much for all the support as always.

💙 Lora



  • Maria: April 19, 2018

    Do you have a storefront or gallery in Toronto that is open to the public?

  • Jama : April 14, 2018

    Lora, I’m a 63 yr. old artist with daily chronic pain. No more painting, spinning yarn or making glass beads(lamp working)…but I still slowly make my antique style mohair teddy bears. Your Pandas and Bear pieces talk to me. Help me. Make my Advanced Fibro., Rheumatoid and OsteopArthritis not matter as much for a few minutes. What a creative soul you have. Just a quick breathe to tell you what your pieces mean to so many. To me. Thank you, Jama

  • Sandy: April 07, 2018

    I am a fan! Congratulations Lora! Eyes on Walls has represented you well. They were so helpful with my purchases.

  • Jim: March 17, 2018

    Love my Zombies!!

  • Linda: March 17, 2018

    Great news for Lora’s fans. Congrantulations.

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