Giant Art Launch

September 17, 2018 3 min read

Giant Art Launch by Eyes on Walls

Eyes on Walls is excited to announce the launching of a new product line Giant Art. With this option, you can choose the same fine art prints that we already sell, but in a larger size!


Exclusive Giant Art format

Our giant wall art prints are exclusive in more than one way. In addition to offering a diverse selection of unique wall art from working contemporary artists, we have a patented technique for making large canvas wall art more affordable, easier to ship, and simpler to hang.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Space Cadet by Hidden Moves in Giant Art">

How do we help you bring large artwork into your home without breaking your budget? Our patented DIY canvas stretching system allows you to own prints that are larger than any current standards for framing. Since this is a proprietary system, we are the only ones who can offer it to you.


It’s easy: choose your art and canvas size!

We work with our Eyes on Walls artists to bring you original images and exclusive artwork that you won’t see at a home decor store or other online print galleries. Now, we are bringing our same menu of exclusive artwork to large-size art prints.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Mia by Rubben Ireland in Giant Art">

If you have tried to purchase huge wall art prints in the past, then you know that options can be limited. Some suppliers may only offer a few giant images, while others require you to purchase a large, expensive frame with your giant artwork.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="The mound II by Rubben Ireland in Giant Art">

Thanks to our patented DIY canvas stretcher, you can choose from a huge selection of Eyes on Walls fine art prints, abstract art and urban prints.


Trending Oversized Wall Decor

Giant wall decor is a growing trend. Large canvas art prints hanging on your wall will catch visitors' eyes and influence the atmosphere and interior design of a room in a way that wall paint or wallpaper never could. One giant modern canvas art piece can change the feel of a whole space.  

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Angel by Ruben Carrasco in Giant Art">


This is why the large wall decor trend has been growing. The trend has made it easier to get large wall art for a living room, for example, but again, the selection is often limited, or the giant prints are unaffordable because of shipping costs. With our new options, you can choose from a wide range of artwork and find a piece that fits your budget. Additionally, there are many ways to incorporate fine art prints into your space.

 <img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Stereo by HR-FM in Giant Art">


Everyone is raving about it

Our customers rave about our selection of artists and prints. Since our large painting pieces will use the same canvas painting print techniques that we already use on our regular canvas prints, you can be confident that your large canvas prints will be of the highest quality.


What our customers have to say:
‘‘I am so glad I got it. It’s absolutely beautiful, looks just like the picture that advertise it.’’
‘‘It was not that difficult and the end result is sturdy, and beautiful.’’
- Nick
‘‘This is a good quality ink-jet on canvas.’’
- Roy
‘‘Absolutely love this print - so pretty!’’
- Cherise
[Giant Art is] awesome!’’
- Kevin


Our huge art prints offer the best way to obtain giant wall art on a budget without limiting your artwork choices.

We are pleased to offer you what others can’t – a combination of accessible price, quality products, and selection with our Giant Art prints and DIY canvas stretcher!

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Eyes on Walls logo Giant Art">

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