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How to Decorate your Walls with Fine Art Prints

October 29, 2018 5 min read

When done correctly, art has the power to transform the atmosphere of a room by bringing new energy, focus, color, shape and style. Fine Art Prints, with their versatility and variety, are one of the best ways to add high-quality artwork to a space.

While color, style and size are important elements to consider, the power that a bold piece of art can have over its viewer should not be underestimated. Finding a print that speaks to you is the most important part of bringing art into your home.

The Eyes On Walls catalogue is a hand-picked collection of real artwork from real artists, meant to inspire. With a broad range of styles, subjects and sizes, there’s a print for every wall.

Using the following steps, you’ll be well on your way to finding the perfect piece of art for your home.


Choose a wall layout for your fine art prints

Layout is an important aspect of planning your fine art display. Why do you need to make layout decisions early in the process? To get the most out of fine art prints, a few important concepts related to displaying your art can help you choose the right size and type of wall art print.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Agnes Cecile Kissing Couple Aquarelle">

First, wall art should always match the scale of the other items in your room. This is important for making the art “fit” with the interior design of the entire space. You want the framed art prints to match the scale of the furniture and the other art in the room. If you have a large piece of art over the sofa, for example, you can hang a similarly-sized fine art print on the opposite wall.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Hidden Moves Space Cadet blue home decor">

Several smaller wall art prints placed together can also work to match the scale of a larger piece on the opposite wall. When you hang multiple pieces side by side, it is important to make sure that they are all the same size. Luckily, this is easy to do when ordering wall art from one art supplier. Hanging identically sized pieces from a Mini Art Block Set from Eyes On Walls demonstrates how streamlined this can look while still featuring individual pieces of art.


Spacing is an equally vital concept. Framed art prints with different subjects and styles should serve as accents to the room and should be spaced far enough apart so that they can be viewed individually.  

How can you match pictures so that each wall art print fits with the others and with the room? One option is that you can use a motif for each room. A simplistic example would be to select wall art prints with a food motif for the kitchen.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Sofia Bonati egg"><img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Alex Cherry popsicle"><img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Mercedes Lopez Charro soup can Hermes">


Other examples would be to select travel art prints from a particular destination for one room, or to have fine art prints that are all black-and-white.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Alex Cherry Hollywood"><img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Ruben Ireland Marianna"><img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Alex Cherry Bitch, don't kill my vibe Monkey"><img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Hidden Moves Panda bear">


As long as your chosen motif fits with the flow of the room design, it should work. If you are not sure if your motif idea is logical, try explaining it to someone else to see if they believe it to have merit.

The final concept that you should consider is matching your framed art prints with the overall room design. You should not choose a painting simply because of its color (unless you really like the artwork), but it can be helpful to find some matching elements with color, patterns, size, or theme.

<img src="keyword(s).jpg" alt="Ruben Ireland Deer">

If your furniture is rustic, for example, wilderness landscapes would be a matching theme. However, if you had rustic or antique furniture, a picture of a city with neon signs hanging on the wall may feel out of place.


Match your prints and home decor

An easy way to incorporate your room design with the artwork on the walls is to place additional room accents near the painting. You might not want to change your entire home decor scheme just to make a fine art print fit with the design, but tying in accessories such as throw pillows with similar colors can help to create a cohesive look.

Creatively linking the wall art to the room design with accessories is a way to increase the possible combinations of wall art and room design.

 Another approach would be to consider existing accessories as well as major home decor elements when choosing your wall art prints. Natural wood tones will work well with organic subjects and natural color palettes, for example. This strategy can allow for more ways to tie the fine art prints into the room design.

If all else fails, you can always opt for black and white wall art or fine art prints with muted colors that will match with any type of interior design color scheme.


Incorporate metal and canvas prints      

Think beyond fine art prints that are on paper or surrounded by standard frames when selecting art.

When artwork is printed on alternative surface materials, it can open up ways to incorporate wall art to a room. For example, quality fine art print suppliers may offer metal prints or canvas prints in addition to framed fine art and poster prints. Fine art metal prints and canvas prints come with the same variety of art designs and styles as more common materials, but they can bring additional texture and shape to your fine art display.

You will want to apply the same concepts and ideas to selecting and matching metal prints and canvas prints with other artwork and with the design and layout of the space you are decorating. One way to accomplish this is to use the same material for all the prints throughout a room. Art print suppliers may offer a canvas set so that you can purchase all the fine art prints for one space at the same time. Why would you do this? With a canvas set, you can select based on material and also select sizes that will match automatically without any additional measurements or mistakes.

Fine art metal prints are certainly more attention-catching than more-common print materials, but they have practical qualities as well. Metal prints are durable and can stand up to adverse conditions. For rooms with lots of direct sunlight, windows that are opened frequently or spaces that tend to be damp, fine art metal prints can be a reliable way to feature fine art. Metal prints are vibrant and luminescent and pieces in the Eyes On Walls Metal Print Collection were chosen specifically for this medium.

Canvas prints, meanwhile, bring a classic look and feel to fine art prints. Some of the world’s most famous paintings were created on stretched canvas and it is still the medium of choice for many fine artists. The natural fiber texture of a canvas print adds dimension and realism to an art print. For a larger impact, Canvas Sets create an instant art installation and can work well with the design of almost any room with a feature wall. Furthermore, canvas is moredurable than paper, so you can choose canvas for rooms with high traffic or if you have younger children who might want to get “hands on” with your artwork.


Quality is top priority at Eyes On Walls with every piece produced using premium materials and state of the art technology to ensure a beautiful product.

If you feel as though you now understand basic concepts for choosing and hanging fine art prints, we encourage you to spend some time finding the perfect print at Eyes On Walls. Get to know the Eyes On Walls artists and discover art that will bring joy for years to come.


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