Danny Lawless - Eyes On Walls
Danny Lawless is British Born, Montreal Based Artist working in multiple mediums, Painting, Design, Fashion, Jewelry, Tattoos, and indeed anything else he can get his paws on!
Currently, he is working on 2 Painted collections “ Narcicity ” and  “ Order in Chaos ”. “Narcicity” represents current issues with modern-day themes Juxtaposed with nostalgic memories of better ones.
Each piece holds more than one message and story.
He uses Bold clean lines and spot colours with dusty hues to give real Life issues a spin in Cartoonish chaos.
The content evokes a cheeky message,  a smile, a thought or a tear.
The 2nd collection titled ‘Order in Chaos’, in his Wall Mural work. Keeping to the same style but in Black and white, very intricate and a tad out there!
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