Garden V - Hand Embellished Print - Eyes On Walls

Agnes Cecile

Garden V - Hand Embellished Print


This is a very special Hand Embellished Multiple of 'Garden V' by Agnes Cecile.
   These beautiful 17 x 24” inch pieces were carefully hand finished by the Artist during her visit to our Studio in June 2018 to create a piece as unique and special as the original itself.

  • Signed, Embossed and numbered Edition of just 25 prints.
  • 17x24 inches on Fine Art Paper (25x32 inches framed).
  • Hand finished by the artist
  • Signed and numbered by the Artist
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  • This is an Exclusive Eyes on Walls Limited Edition.
  • Bright White Acid Free 230gsm Premium Matte paper


Artists Statement

Garden V

Everyone has a unique and different personality, we have a complex world inside, a wild garden that requires attentions. Each one grows his inner garden in a different way:  some is wilder, some is more well-kept, some is darker, some is full of flowers and some of thorns. The gardens inside series are small reflections of everyone's insight. It's a tribute to the psychological diversity.

Garden V is a calm, silent and transparent green world to look at.

In this HPM edition every Garden V changes its features, developing other different sides from the original.