Affirmation of Emotions (Happy) - Eyes On Walls

Hikari Shimoda

Affirmation of Emotions (Happy)


Affirmation of Emotions (Happy) is a very special signed and numbered Limited Edition Giclée print. We have taken one of Hikari Shimoda's Glow in the Dark Original Paintings and created a Limited Edition Print ! This is a MUST HAVE for all Collectors!

The Edition traveled to Japan to be hand-signed and numbered by the Artist.

  • Signed and numbered by the Artist
  • Edition of 200 pieces
  • 19 x 22 inches on Fine Art Paper
  • Includes a Certificate of Authenticity
  • This is an Exclusive Eyes on Walls Limited Edition
  • Bright White Acid Free 230 gsm Premium Matte paper
  • Limited to ONE per Customer
275$USD Limited Edition Glow in the Dark Print

Artist Statement

"I often hear that you should live positively. However, people have different emotions, which are multifaceted and not necessarily positive. I ask myself, 'if negativity and suffering are so evil, should they not exist?' I think that understanding and dialogue are born from affirming all emotions existing inside of a person. This series presents seemingly negative motifs of emotional words and skulls. However, when it gets dark and the lights go out, the figure of the hero and the word "yes” appear. All emotions, life and death, are a part of human beings."

ポジティブに生きるべきだ、とはよく聞く言葉です。しかし、人には様々な感情があり、それは多面的で、必ずしもポジティブなものだけではありません。ネガティブや苦しみは悪であり、存在しないものとすべきでしょうか?人の中に存在するあらゆる感情を肯定する事から理解と対話が生まれると思います。 感情を表す言葉とドクロという一見ネガティブなモチーフ。しかし暗転するとヒーローの姿と「yes」の言葉が光って現れます。あらゆる感情、生も死も、人間が内包しているものです。


Hikari Shimoda



** Please note Discounts Codes are not applicable on this item. Purchases will be Limited to ONE per Client**