Hikari Shimoda

Children of this Planet #41 - Limited Edition

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This is a Limited Edition print numbered and hand signed by the artist, In Stock and Ready To Ship!!!

  • Signed and numbered edition of 150 prints.
  • 21x24.5 inches
  • Bright White Acid Free 230gsm Premium Matte paper.
  • Hand Embossed.
  • Includes a certificate of authenticity.

 Artists Statement

 I believe that the sex and identity of children are ambiguous; a child is not borne into his or her personality, and his existence is full of possibilities. Those vacant children are, so to speak, “cups of my emotions”- something which I could pour my emotion into. Their sparkling eyes are staring into space, while reflecting both light and darkness. Children in this series have horns on their forehead. Those horns are a metaphor of wordless emotions like fury and despair that people feel towards unreasonable things in this world.


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